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2022-2023 Program Contributions

Your Contribution helps the CIPA Booster to provide the funding to enhance the music education needs for your students. We request each student to consider a donation of the following amounts for their respective units. Contribution suggested amounts cover the complete year. This includes summer clinic, summer camp, fall and winter seasons. This is a voluntary donation amount for which you will receive a tax donation letter. Please note any amount greater or smaller is appreciated. No students will be barred from participating in this activity or negatively impacted because of a failure to donate money to the program. However if donations do not meet expense needs; we will need to make cuts to the program. Please note all our expenses for events are front loaded, meaning they are due at the start of the season, so we request donations be made starting July 15th . Donations can be broken down in payment, please indicate below the breakdown of payments you wish to make.

Competitive Year (Canyon Regiment/ Color Guard/ Drumline): $2000
Half Competitive/ Half Non-Competitive (Canyon Regiment/ Concert Band): $1000
Non-Competitive (Orchestra): $300

Payment plan options available.

We are a charitable 501(c)(3) organization. All payments/ donations made to the program are tax-deductible.

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