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Behind the Performers

The Canyon Instrumental Music Performing Arts strive to foster intelligent, well-rounded performers that continue a lifelong love of music and the arts. In “The Arts: An Essential Ingredient in Education,” J. Buchen Milley states that “research shows that when arts are included in the student’s curriculum, reading, writing, and math scores improve. Like all arts, music has a profound effect on the academic success of the student. Band is a group effort. Members are required to shift from an ‘I/me’ reasoning to a ‘we/us’ concept. This means extending oneself beyond the normal considerations of much of our day-today living. Instead of the logic being, what’s in it for me, it becomes, what’s in it for us. The values of cooperation, communication, concentration, correlation and completion come into play at each rehearsal and performance.”


The Canyon Instrumental Performing Arts Program brings together students from all interests, grades, and abilities to create an extended family of support in a loving and trusting community.

About Us: About the Band
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